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Platia Riga Feraiou 1
38001 VOLOS

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The hill of Old continuously inhabited since prehistoric times and is a valuable ancient residential complex. The ride is being proposed here is a walkthrough in the castle district Volou- where the city was located at Tourkokratia- and in the neighborhood of “Old Port Authority”. The route in this scenic district is a journey through history.
The starting point of the route is the former Plinthokeramopoieio Tsalapatas. A rare industrial complex sample conservation, not only in Greek but also at European level, and has fallen into the ownership of Volos. The plant, which is a listed will work Industrial Archaeology Museum. Moreover, in some buildings already configured and operated sites recreational and commercial activities.

North of Tsalapatas factory revealed parts of the Byzantine wall, which was demolished in 1889. Continuing within the district, there is the building of Louli rod mills, built in 1926 and now houses a multiplex cinema and other entertainment venues. Moving on to the street Bishop Gregory, distinguished ruined kamaroskepispyritidapothiki (or arsenal) of the castle and then the church of St. Theodore. The gunpowder is stone-built, has a single room and occupies barrel vault, which rests on three semicircular stone arches.

The church of St. Theodore is the first built after the liberation of Volos in 1881. In the churchyard are preserved remains of an early Christian basilica, while the back of the church revealed part of the wall. Going down the road Feres, found the tobacco warehouse Papantou. The location of the old town, next to the train station, makes it an ideal place for the City Museum, the operation of which began in December 2014.

South at the junction of roads Lambrakis and Feron revealed fortification segments like wall, tower and some mud jars. Opposite, between houses and shops, is the Turkish Bath, which dates back to the 17th century. Crossing the Lambraki Avenue, lies the district of the old Port Authority, which for many years was the office of the Port Authority and the Old Town shops. Here we see all that outline the profile of Old such as inns and houses shops of the late 19th century.

Another image of the region appears in the space of the square of the old, the old shopping center. Today in this picturesque square and surrounding streets were mild planning interventions and pedestrian and operate several commercial shops, small taverns and traditional raki. But in the evenings, the Old frequent operations, because here there are many nightlife options.