Encountering Mongolian nomads between Gobi desert and Orkhon valley

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With this 14 day tour, you will discover two of the most beautiful regions of Mongolia, while enjoying real relation with nomadic families.
14 days of authenticity and wonders await you!
The first part of your journey takes you to the mythical region of the Gobi Desert. At the heart of its large rocky and arid spaces, you will be surprised by its many natural originalities.
Then, after the desert comes the greenery with the Orkhon valley, real cradle of the Mongol people. You are now in the middle of the green steppes interspersed with forested mountain ranges. You continue your journey to other unexpected sites, starting with the dizzying Orkhon waterfalls. Then you relax in a hot spring, gushing up to 86 ° C. Finally, by visiting the Erdene Zuu monastery in Kharkhorin, the ancient imperial capital.

Day 1 : Ulan-Bator
Pick up at the airport and transfer to the Hotel. Lunch in a traditional restaurant to enjoy the famous Mongolian barbecue.
Discovery of Gandan Monastery and Mongolian National Museum of History.
Day 2 : Ulan-Bator - Tsagaan Suvarga cliffs
Drive to Tsagaan Suvarga cliffs. Lunch at Mandal-Gobi. 1 or 2 hours of hiking in the cliffs.
Day 3 : Tsagaan Suvarga - Yoliin Am canyon
We will enter Gobi-Gurvan Saikhan National Park, a largest park of the country. It is home to a remarkable flora and fauna: saxaouls, black-tailed gazelles, lizards, vultures, etc. Hiking along a stream joining the Yolin Am Gorge.
Day 4 : Yoliin Am - Khongor sand dune
Drive to Khongoriin Els dune, the longest iof the country, extending 180 km long. The dune is also called "Duut Mankhan" (singing dune) due to the sound produced by sand grains. In this surreal setting, mixing dunes and plains, we will make a camel trek.
Day 5 : Khongor - Uush cliffs
We start our adventure to the Khangai massif. We cross a vast desert of Ingen Khuuvuriin Gobi, and we cross Bogd Arts Mountain Range by a narrow pass. Discovery of petroglypes dating from the Bronze Age and Uush cliffs.
Day 6 : Uush cliffs - Khujirt
The day is consacred to discover mongolian equestrian culture. We will discover the monument created to honor the legendary racing horses.
Then we will meet horse breeder family, who will introduce us activities related to horse breeding.
Day 7 : Khujirt - Orkhon valley
Today drive into Orkhon Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The diversity of landscapes makes this region a sumptuous painting with thousands colors. We cross the valley from East to West to reach the encampment of our next nomadic family. We will discover the unexpected Ulaantsutgalan waterfall.
Day 8 : Orkhon valley
It is a day of relaxation with our nomadic family in the heart of the peaceful Orkhon valley.
Participation in various daily tasks related to yak breeding. The nature is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding etc.
Day 9 : Orkhon valley - Tuvkhen
Today we visit the Tuvkhen monastery dating from the 17th century. We reach the site after 3-4 kilometers of hiking.
Day 10 : Tuvkhen - Tsenkher hot spring
We discover and enjoy Tsenkher hot springs gushing up to 86.5 ° C.
Day 11 : Tsenkher - Kharkhorin
Today, we discover Kharkhorin, the legendary city of Chingghis Khan, founded in 1220.
The only remaining of the ancient city is the "Erdenezuu Monastery". Built at the initiative of Zanabazar at the end of the 16th century.
Visit of the local museum.
Day 12 : Kharkhorin - Khugnu Khan
We will head to the Khugnu Khan Nature Reserve. There is a strange marriage between the green steppe and the great sand dune.
In the afternoon, a beautiful hike among the strange rocky forms of Mount Khugnu Khan allows us to reach the ruins of an ancient monastery.
Day 13 : Khugnu Khan - Ulan-Bator
Drive back to Ulan-Bator. Afternoon free time for shopping or some city tour.
Evening at the Mongolian National Folk Art teatr for a memorable traditional arts performance.
Day 14 : Return
Early morning transfer to the airport.


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